Back again…

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Hey what’s going on people?

I know it’s been a very loooooooooooooong time since i posted here.. i am so terrible with this i swear. While I’ve fell back on the blog posts i sure haven’t been slacking on the music grind, let me get you guys up to speed real quick.. I released my EP  “Sometime in New York City Vol  1” on June 28th 2011 it featured the hit single “Never Waste Your Time” Featuring Phil Geston, a good friend of mines and a dope dope artist. we released the official video for  the single.. i did a ton of interviews got featured on some pretty notable sites (Hip-hop dx,, word is, yahoo music)  I recently just became a finalist in the John Lennon songwriter contest.. which i’m very proud of.. it’s real big honor to be recognized in that manner. the past year going into this year has been really busy for me and i’m blessed for that.. the grind continues on.. as i start recording new music so stay tuned we are just getting started.. oh yea my EP is available on I-tunes, Rhapsody and E Music .. check the video for never waste your time on yahoo music..,.

Never Waste Your Time Featuring Phil Geston


Week 2 aka Stumped!!!

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Greetings all,

So here we are at week 2 of the Msi9w Challenge..and this week’s challenge is “Your Perfect Pitch”  I have to be Honest as i was thinking about writing this post and in the middle of doing the actual challenge. I came to a sudden Realization.. I was stumped coming up with my pitch..I do have a few ideas that I will be posting up in the forum (Cyber Pr Mastermind) and try to get some feedback on it.. as a matter of fact  I’m going to consider this post  a “To Be Continued” case while I come with a Pitch that I feel strongly about.. in the meantime I will post some of the steps for the challenge that I wrote down.. 

  1. genres you play: Hip-Hop, Rap
  2. Write all the artists that other people say you sound like: Jay-Z, Mos Def
  3. write a list of all artists (or authors or famous ppl) that have inspired you:  Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln,
  4. write down all the feelings and vibes that you want to create or convey with your music     

  1. I want ppl to relate to my music I make music for all races to enjoy there are no color barriers with me

2. I want my audience to feel like they took something away valuable from listening to my music.. I want to inspire listeners with my music

3. overall I just want people to feel good whenever they hear my music being played.. I put my all into my music from the inspiring songs down to the songs that are meant to get the party started..

until the next time folks…. To be continued…..

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My 1st Real Blog Post

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Hey Everybody!!,
so this is officially my 1st blog post… I’m really trying to get the hang of all this because honestly I’ve never had the patience to sit down and blog before. so you can imagine how much of a challenge this is for me.
                       Why decide to blog now you may ask?? It’s very simple. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that i wanted to try this one day, but i just never got around to it…untill now a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of attending a networking mixer hosted by Ariel Hyatt’s Cyber Pr Firm in Brooklyn. At this same mixer i had the opportunity to Purchase Ariel’s Book “Music Success In Nine weeks” I also had the pleasure of Buying the book Directly from Ariel in person. While Ariel and I were conversing she told me about the 9 week Blogging Challenge.. I had expressed to her that i wasn’t really used to blogging and her response to that was.. “Blogging really isn’t that hard you just have to go ahead and do it”  So I thought to myself  let me just stop being a lazy ass and get to it!!  so here i am…  I cracked opened the book yesterday and got started on week one Which is “Getting Mentally Prepared”  and in this Chapter it focuses on Setting and Completing your goals. There Is an Exercise in this Chapter where Ariel Asks The Reader (me in this to list Five positive things that you do every day.. to focus your mind on the positive aspect of getting your goals done.. so that’s what i did and here are my 5 positive things that i accomplished from yesterday/today

  1. got in contact with new studio to record at
  2. Paid off my subscription to drip investor (investor magazine)
  3. Organized the bills for the house and got rid of  excess mail
  4. Started up my Blog and began writing draft for my very 1st blog post (what your reading now)
  5. uploaded my pictures for my Profile on the Cyber pr Mastermind Forum

So there it is my 1st real blog post hope whoever reads this enjoys it.. and I’m very excited to be a part of this 9 week Challenge.. in many different ways for me it is.. but I’m up for it.