Week 2 aka Stumped!!!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Greetings all,

So here we are at week 2 of the Msi9w Challenge..and this week’s challenge is “Your Perfect Pitch”  I have to be Honest as i was thinking about writing this post and in the middle of doing the actual challenge. I came to a sudden Realization.. I was stumped coming up with my pitch..I do have a few ideas that I will be posting up in the forum (Cyber Pr Mastermind) and try to get some feedback on it.. as a matter of fact  I’m going to consider this post  a “To Be Continued” case while I come with a Pitch that I feel strongly about.. in the meantime I will post some of the steps for the challenge that I wrote down.. 

  1. genres you play: Hip-Hop, Rap
  2. Write all the artists that other people say you sound like: Jay-Z, Mos Def
  3. write a list of all artists (or authors or famous ppl) that have inspired you:  Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln,
  4. write down all the feelings and vibes that you want to create or convey with your music     

  1. I want ppl to relate to my music I make music for all races to enjoy there are no color barriers with me

2. I want my audience to feel like they took something away valuable from listening to my music.. I want to inspire listeners with my music

3. overall I just want people to feel good whenever they hear my music being played.. I put my all into my music from the inspiring songs down to the songs that are meant to get the party started..

until the next time folks…. To be continued…..

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